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What’s Special about Seiko Black Sumo SSC761 Limited Edition?

Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Edition SSC761J1 is a compelling package. It is one of the three of all-black diver’s watches that Seiko launched this year.For one seeking a new diver’s watch to add to the collection, the watch is worth a look. Thanks to its sleek looks, robust build, and the practicality of a […]

Why Do You Have To Get The Seiko Sea Urchin Among Others?

Why Do You Have To Get The Seiko Sea Urchin Among Others? Are you a new Seiko watch collector? Maybe it is the first time that you are planning to buy Seiko and you are checking your options? Do you feel that you need to have a great looking classic watch with excellent build quality? […]

The Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice: How Does a Seiko Baby Tuna Looks Like?

The Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice: How Does a Seiko Baby Tuna Looks Like? Are you looking for a watch that you can wear daily and bring a distinctive fashion sense on your lifestyle every time you go out? Are you in search of something that is light and comfortable on the wrist that it […]

The Difference Between Kinetic and Automatic Watches

There are a number of people who are quite confused about the difference between an automatic watch versus a kinetic watch. Oftentimes, the confusion stems out not from their difference but from their similarity. Oddly enough, both types of movement require a certain amount of movement from the wearer to be able to store the […]

Swiss Watch Remains On Top Of The Watch Making Industry

“A Swiss watch is not made to simply tell the time.” This is a common knowledge when it comes to Swiss watches as they are oftentimes regarded as the epitome of what makes a quality watch. Every timepiece is designed in a way that gives generations a timeless watch. The quality makes them one of […]

Divers Watch – Key Tests For ISO 6425 Certification

One of the most sought after timepieces is a divers watch. Though it might cater to an elite type of sport, it still commands a high level of status among watch owners and collectors alike. However, there is a lot of questions surrounding the certification of a divers watch. It is for the simple fact […]

Seiko History – Quality Watches And Brands You Have Grown To Love

One of the best and considered quality watches in the world at the moment is Seiko. The craftsmanship behind every timepiece boasts of quality and precision. And like most of the great brands all over the world, Seiko did have its fairs share of humble beginnings. All these shaped the brand to what it is […]

Watch Mechanism Explained

Watch mechanism is one of the more complicated topics when you start to look into what makes your favorite watch tick. Underneath the beauty of the dial and your watch component basics, the inner mechanism of your watch is made up of a number of screws, pinion, gear trains and even jewels. Friction points in the […]

Watch Components Basic

At this day and age, it is important to have a basic understanding of your watch components. This is because it is one of the last few personal signatures you possess. Much like your clothing preference, perfume choices, and even your hairstyle, your watch is a big part of who you are. Leo Tolstoy once […]